to our school. Sint-Claracollege in Arendonk is a secondary school providing quality education to more than 800 pupils on a daily basis. Our school is part of the not-for-profit association KOBArT, an association of 14 primary and secondary schools. Its motto is: Everybody counts! Furthermore our campus Sint-Clara consists of our secondary school, the primary school Sint-Clara ( and children’s daycare Clara’s Hofke ( a calm, safe and green place for young people to feel home.


Sint-Claracollege is a school with a heart: a dynamic education centre with positive, inspirational and future-oriented as its key values. We want to give young people wings, to enhance their self-confidence and to let them grow to become critical and balanced adults. It is our goal to prepare these youngster for the world of tomorrow! A big challenge, but one we are motivated to start with every day.





Sint-Claracollege - Kloosterbaan 5 - 2370 Arendonk - 014 67 85 72 -

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